Veteran Service

Members of the United States Military share a special bond.  When you raise your hand to take the oath, you not only pledge your life to the ideas and values of our great nation, but also to your fellow service members.  In this spirit of service before self, our first priority at John Lyon is to support and advance veteran causes.  Whether visiting VA retirement homes, assisting with VA benefit claims, or providing individual support, Post 3150 is committed to leaving no veteran behind.  We’re always looking for new and unique ways to serve our veterans and their families.  If you’re a veteran in need, contact us.  If you’re a service organization, let us help.  If you’re looking to get involved, join us!

Community Service

At John Lyon, we believe that service never stops.  In the military, we were never taught to walk by a problem, so why wouldn’t that apply to the communities we live in?  Whether you’re currently active duty or haven’t donned the uniform in years, you’re a select percentage of our nation’s population that’s answered the call during times of war, but now more than ever, our communities need us.  There are so many issues facing our nation at the local level.  As veterans, we possess the training, experience, and leadership to tackle these problems head on.  At Post 3150, we actively engage in service projects led by our members or other Veteran Service Organizations because we believe that through our actions we have the ability to affect real change at the local level.  If you have ideas for service projects or are passionate about a specific cause, we’re here to help and, ultimately, make a difference!

Social Events

While the primary mission of Post 3150 is service to our veterans and community, we also have a robust social calendar with activities and events you won’t find at any other Post!  Unlike the dimly lit, smoke-filled VFW Canteens you find in many cities across the country, John Lyon offers a lively, smoke free, energetic atmosphere with an outstanding selection of craft beers.  We were the first VFW Post in the nation to attain a license to show UFC fights and are never short of enthusiastic sports fans for NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA games.  Thanks to our partnership with Guitars for Vets, John Lyon is the home of some of the best live music by veteran performers that you’ll find in the DC Metro Area!  Be sure to check out our events calendar, like us on Facebook, and come join us soon!

John Lyon VFW Post 3150
2116 19th St N
Arlington, VA 22201