our Guiding principles

To foster camaraderie among United States veterans of overseas conflicts. To serve our veterans, the military and our communities. To advocate on behalf of all veterans. 

 Ensure that veterans are respected for their service, always receive their earned entitlements, and are recognized for the sacrifices they and their loved ones have made on behalf of this great country.

  • Always put the interests of our members first
  • Treat donors as partners in our cause
  • Promote patriotism
  • Honor military service
  • Ensure the care of veterans and their families
  • Serve our communities
  • Promote a positive image of the VFW
  • Respect the diversity of veteran opinions

our mission

John Lyon Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3150 has been a leader in Arlington County, Virginia since 1935.  We believe in advancing Veteran-related causes, promoting Americanism, and improving our local community.  Our membership is comprised of Veterans of the United States Military who have served their nation in combat zones around the globe.  At John Lyon VFW Post 3150, our members are empowered to continue their service through positive contributions to the community, find camaraderie and common ground, and honor the memories of those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  We also offer Veterans a resource to navigate the often complicated Veteran benefits process and opportunities to bolster their resume through  volunteerism and leadership.  At John Lyon VFW Post 3150 we believe in service before self and welcome all Veterans, Active Duty, Reservists, Military Dependants and civilian members of our community to join with us in our mission to improve the lives of those who have served and are still serving our great nation!



America's Post

Founded in 1934, John Lyon VFW Post 3150 has been serving our Nation’s veterans, promoting Americanism, and committed to our community for over 82 years.  At John Lyon, our history and traditions are important to us, but we pride ourselves with being one of the most innovative and active Veteran Service Organizations in the National Capital Region.  As the closest VFW Post to Arlington National Cemetery, and many of our nation's most historic monuments, we consider it a sacred honor to be able to serve not only the active duty service members who stand guard over those hollowed grounds and who have buried many of our brothers and sisters, but also the score of loved ones who come to visit their fallen hero.

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The Future's Post

At 3150, you’ll find that we’re different than most Posts.  We are steadfast in our mission to develop the next generation of veteran leadership and that’s why we boast one of the youngest Posts in Virginia, with an officer corps of primarily Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.  We have new ideas to help modernize the VFW and bring it into the 21st century.  At the core of our mission is partnering with other Veteran Service Organizations.  We firmly believe we can best meet the needs of our veterans and community through partnership, not competition.

John Lyon Veterans of Foreign Wars Post is a Congressionally Chartered and Federally Recognized 501 (c) 19 Veterans Charitable Organization.




John Lyon VFW Post 3150
2116 19th St N
Arlington, VA 22201